New Game: Downgrade

it is a game that is sadly already on a different server but it could be cool to do our own version. how it works: you start with a really good weapon like a one shot sword, every kill you get the weapon slightly downgrades, so maybe the one after could be a one shot bow (using these as examples as they are the weapons on the other server) but we could use some weapons from quake as ones too, like railgun or rocket launcher or maybe grenade launcher. this is actually my favorite game mode i have played in minecraft and i think it would be awesome for it on the server. how to win is get through all the weapons first. we could have like 20 weapons, we would need to get them on a list maybe code some and then rank them from best to worst, so best is a one shot sword and worst is just a fist one something. clickerz said if we made this game he would make maps for it (not rejoin the build team but make maps) and if you guys like this idea then once me and doga are done with the project we are currently working on we could make this. i think its really fun and i would enjoy adding it.


  • This sounds like a downgrade from some other games...
    All joking aside, it sounds pretty cool. Can you send me the server that has it so i
    I can try it out?
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