Secret Cosmetic

basicly, this is a cosmetic for just a special few people. if you get all cosmetics, a new button will apear in the menu for one special new cosmetic that only people with all other cosmetics can use. idk what it would be, maybe since we have items that move players we could have another one that basicly you controll them for like 5 seconds and basicly hop into their body, idk thats just a random idea. i figure this is kinda cool for like an accomplishment or a feat you get this secret item that not many know about. and if burny ever finishes achievements, that could be one. idk what you will do when you add a new cosmetic, maybe just let the person keep using the secret one, or maybe you can still see it but when you click on it it says something like "Sorry, it appears that there have been new cosmetics added since you got all of them. please get these "number of cosmetics" cosmetics and come back and try again: "list of needed cosmetics". maybe before you get all cosmetics you can still hover over the piece of glass in the gui that is going to be the button and it can hint towards it also, something like it is just renamed to "???".
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