New Game: Build Wars Ranked!

so you know build battle? well this is kind of like that exept it has elo, you start with 0 elo and that level would probably be called "dirt" there would be maybe 9-10 levels so like "fish" "dirt" "wood" "stone" "coal" "iron" "gold" "lapis" "diamond" and "emerald" and if you play build wars you are matched with people the closest rank possible (wont really affect us until a higher population of players are on but still). depending on what people vote you wether "bad" "meh" "ok" "pretty decent" or "good" you go up or down in elo, the very start you have no elo and to level up to dirt you might need 50, wood maybe 150, stone 300, coal 500, etc. its something to motivate people to play and its fun.


  • Only problem is that if you start with 0 elo, due to the nature of that rating system, it would become harder to level up as we got more players, as there would be the same amount of elo points being spread around more and more players. Elo only works if you start with the average number of points. Most games have a meaningless level bar, to show how much/how good you have played, and then a hidden elo score for the actual matchmaking. 
  • Sounds fun. Big issue I can see is biased voting. Playing with friends will probably get you better votes, which we ofcourse don't want.
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