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Our Games

Skywars is a PvP game, where you try to kill all your enemies, collect goodies in loot chests and build skybridges to victory!

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MonumentRush is a Team game. In MonumentRush you try to break enemy's monuments and defend your own!

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CaptureTheFlag is a Team game, where you try to steal flags from the enemy team and prevent them from taking yours!

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Quake is a recreation of legendary Solo Shooter PVP game, Quake III Arena. Collect different guns on the map and try to kill all your opponents the most!

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BridgeWars is a Team game. Get to the enemy score area to gain points. Knock players off, build skybridges and push your way through!

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TeamDeathMatch is a Team game. Kill the enemies or get in the enemy scorebox to gain points. The team with the most points wins.

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What is so special about us?
All Original

All our games are created with custom plugins. Our games are either unseen on other servers or have a pleasant twist! Be sure to try all of them and share our IP with others!

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Great Community

Our players are made sure to be nice to others with great work of Moderators, and our staff is very responsible! If you want anything to be in your favorite Diversion Network game, be sure to contact us on discord!

Maximum Diversion

Our games are made to be really original, fun and competitive! There are no advantages over others in gameplay, it is all limited by your skills. If you have any issues with hackers or someone using other ways of unfair advantage, be sure to report it to us on contact page!

Rewarding Experience

You get Experience as you play games or use your Diversity Shards to buy Cosmetic Rolls. With Rolls, you can get more Shards, really fun Cosmetics and more! Also you can vote for us (using ingame command /v), or Donate to really help our network and get more fun stuff!


Donating helps our network stay alive and grow. If you donate, you wouldn't be left with nothing, we give our donators perks. Here's a list of features you would get:

Perks Member Premium Elite
Member reward
Premium reward
Elite reward
Weekly reward
Colors in chat
Sounds when your name gets said in chat
Team selection
Vote for 1.9 pvp and make it happen ignoring 1.8 players
Flight in Hub
Donator Cosmetics 0 5 5
Railgun color
Prefix Premium Elite
Cost € 5 € 15
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