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    Quake is recreation of Quake III Arena by id Software. The game mechanics are pretty much same, so if you have ever played that — this is pretty much the same. The game is not a clone of game QuakeCraft which includes only railgun (instagib).


    On spawn, you get a Gauntlet (melee weapon) and a machine gun. Click either Left or Right click to shoot.


    There are powerups that will enhance your power. You can hold only one powerup.




    Collect a shotgun, rocket launcher and some armor. Then you can use shotgun on close ranges and rocket on long ranges. Armor allows you to also use rocket jumping, that will help if map features a fall and you need to get up to get anything.


    Free For All (Deathmatch)

    Spawn weapons: Gauntlet, Machine gun (100).

    Everyone is fighting with everyone, there are no teams. Game ends at 25 frags (kills).

    Team Deathmatch (Soon)

    Spawn weapons: Gauntlet, Machine gun (100).

    Teams are fighting with each other. Game ends at 50 team frags.

    Capture The Flag

    Spawn weapons: Gauntlet, Machine gun (100).

    Same as CaptureTheFlag, but with Quake guns and mechanics.


    Spawn weapons: Gauntlet, Railgun (∞).

    Everyone is fighting with everyone, there are no teams. Railgun and gauntlet deal a lot of damage - one hit, one kill. Game ends at 25 frags.