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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Do donators get /fly?

    No, Minecraft EULA does not allow us to give advantages to players, especially /fly on DNCloud since it allows you to progress faster without falling. You can make Jetpacks as items though, these allow you to fly using fuel!

    Can I do /craft or /enderchest?

    No, we want players to progress for that. If you want to craft faster, you can make machines for that. If you want ender chests, you can go to spawn or obtain an actual ender chest on your cloud.

    Can you add a shop GUI so I don't have to use the shop on spawn?

    The shop is our player meeting point. We would love to make people interact with each other, and not sit on their clouds as if it is singleplayer. Also it makes requires players to play, instead of just afking. So, no, the only way to buy items will be shops that are on spawn. Selling might have other options later on, but for now it will stay only in the main shop.

    Are there machines that would sell my items automatically?

    No, as previous question answer says, at the moment the only way to sell items is by using actual shop. We might be adding things to make it easier to sell items, like backpacks, though. Stay tuned for that!

    How can I transfer my money/items privately to another player?

    We allow people to use player shops as a way to give money. You can also use Auctions to do that. Next to that, you can transfer money using /transfer.

    Are the Nether and The End dimension added?

    Not any time soon, you can access nether items using the Nether Generator, Loot Chests, Shop and from other players.


    Current DNCloud custom additions are listed here:

    Block Breaker

    Block breaker is a TE that can break blocks using tools given.

    Production: Put a tool (pickaxe, axe, shovel, shears) inside a Dispenser and activate it.

    Function: Upon activation dispenser instead of dropping item, the tool will break blocks. Each broken block reduces 1-5 durability of tool (1-5 is random; unbreaking enchantment is not included here, but it works).

    You can extend amount of blocks broken by placing a mineral block behind the dispenser or an enchanted tool with efficiency inside:


    In total you can have a maximum of 10 blocks broken. Note: each block will cause 1-5 durability, so more blocks broken at once = more durability. If a breaker cannot break a block, it will not continue to break more.


    Autocrafter is a machine that can craft items.

    Production: Put a Dropper on top of a Workbench and activate it.

    Function: Upon activation dropper will use items inside and output a crafted item. Autocrafter will not use last items, so you have to have the recipe twice, and recipes that have unstackable items will not work.


    Planter is a machine that can plant saplings, crops, sugar canes and mushrooms.

    Production: Put your planting inside a Dispenser, point it into dirt/farmland (depending on planting) and activate it.

    Function: Upon activation dispenser plants the crop as usual.


    Crusher is a machine that disassembles/crushes some items into their components.

    Production: Put a Dropper on top of an Anvil and activate it.

    Function: Upon activation dropper will crush the item, according to following crusher recipes:


    Elevator is a machine that allows you to transport vertically.

    Production: Power a wool block with redstone. Elevators are required in two instances, one below the other, each should have enough space for player to appear in. Max distance between them is 15 blocks.

    Function: Use shift to go down a level, space to go up.


    Harvester is a machine that breaks crops when they are done.

    Production: Put a Hoe inside a Dispenser, point it into the crop or dirt and activate it.

    Function: Upon activation dispenser will break the crop if it is ready. If it is pointing into dirt it will turn it into farmland. For melons/pumpkins use axe and a block breaker.


    Compressor is a machine that compresses items into another items.

    Production: Put a Dropper on top of Obsidian and activate it.

    Function: Upon activation dropper will compress items by following recipes (works just like autocrafter):


    TS2K16 is a Mod that makes crops get bonemealed upon... twerking on them, or running around them. There is 25% chance of bonemealing, then 45% chance of bonemeal working (in total 11% chance).


    Filters are items that prevent movement of some types of items in hoppers. You put a filter inside a hopper, and that hopper will not accept specific types of items. Filters can be combined, in that case it will select items with "or".



    Note: there is no way to get that "?" (any item you want) back, so be careful. You can also turn filter back into a hopper when you put it into crafting grid.


    Vacuums are tools that attract items and xp orbs nearby (5 block distance) to the one who uses them. Putting one into Dispenser and activating it also works.


    Fans are tools that push living creatures, items and xp orbs in front of the one who uses them (5 blocks away). Putting one into Dispenser and activating it also works.

    When using a dispenser to blow on water, the water freezes into ice. This allows you to make fast ice farms using fans.


    Magnets are tools that work same as vacuums, except they work passively in offhand slot.

    Magnets can be put in Hoppers, if hopper is connected to a container (chest, dropper, etc) it will move the lying items to hopper without any redstone needed. If hopper has a filter, that works too - it will only move the items of that type.


    The jetpack is very useful when it comes to fast transport. Although being quite expensive, it can help a lot when moving around on a big island.

    Jetpacks use Fuel, which can be made by compressing different items together.

    When wearing the jetpack, it will automatically take the required fuel if you have it in your inventory.

    One fuel item supplies 100 fuel. When flying up you use 5 fuel per second, when hovering (slowly descending) it uses 1 per second.

    To fall down quicker, simply remove the jetpack from your armor slots. But remember you will take fall damage if you're not wearing the jetpack.

    Custom recipes