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  • Collab and Whitelisting

    Ever wished to build with your friends? You can! For that there is whitelist system.

    /whitelist player Add a player to your whitelist. playerPlayer to add.

    After using this command friends can join you with following command:

    /join player Join (spectate) a player. playerPlayer to join.

    As they join, you can make them go to creative mode and be able to build. Some games allow to play multiplayer in the world, same following command would be used for that:

    /setspectator player /spec Toggle player's spectator mode. playerPlayer to set spectator.

    Want to allow everyone to join you? Well, you could turn off whitelist completely just by using following command:

    /whitelist Toggle whitelist.

    We do not recommend doing that. Write the command again to turn whitelist back on.