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  • DNWorlds

    DNWorlds is a place where people can build own worlds or play amazing worlds built by others! When you login, you appear in DNW Lobby. You have a menu item with buttons:

    /menu Open menu.

    Play Menu

    Play menu is list of worlds that have been published by others and you. On right hand side you can select a filter to show specific worlds: best, newest, your favourite, yours. More about playing is on Play page.

    Sketch Menu

    Sketch menu is similar, but instead of filters you have a new sketch button. Click it and select world type: basically a DNW game your world will be specific for. Then select a world base: 2x2, 4x4, 6x6 planes. Those numbers mean how much chunks are you given, where chunk is 16x16 blocks. Well, you could always create 2x2 plane, but to get others you have to have 100 favourites total on your maps for 4x4, and 200 for 6x6. Also one more thing to note: you can only create 3 sketches. To get more sketch slots, you have to have a rank: Premium gets 10, Elite gets unlimited. Clicking a sketch which has appeared in sketch menu will open sketch specific menu, which is described on Sketch page.