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    As you join any game, you can click any block to open options.

    /options /settings Open options.

    Here you can see some options (some of which may not be available for some games): Teams, Kits and Hotbar Editor.

    In Teams menu you can set the team you want to be in. But this requires having a donator rank.

    /team name Request a team. nameTeam ID, like "spectator", "default", "a", "b", etc.

    In Kits menu you select one of available kits in the menu. First kit is always open. You can get all other kits by claiming XP rewards. After selecting kit for the game, you don't have to reselect it after each match.

    /kit name Set your kit. nameKit name.

    Hotbar editor allows you to move items in the hotbar as game starts with your kit. For example, if kit provides sword on slot 1, then if you have swapped it with slot 7 in hotbar editor, sword will appear in slot 7. Each game has own hotbar settings.

    /hotbareditor /hotbaredit/hbe Open Hotbar Editor.

    Some games allow you to use Triumph Trails. These are cosmetic particles that are played when you finish a certain objective. Like breaking a monument in MonumentRush. You can earn these by earning XP Rewards.

    You can see we have an XP system. To see how much XP is needed for new level, or how much do you have, you can check on our Statistics page. Each game has own it's own XP system, combined in General XP.

    You can vote for your desired map. Voting is allowed until 5th second before game starts. Then vote system selects first most voted map in the list (first most voted means if 2 maps have same vote amount, first one will be selected). If a Donator votes for a map, their vote counts double.
    /map # or name /m Vote for a map that is available this match (look in sidebar). # or nameMap number (shown in sidebar) or name.

    You can also vote using the messages in chat. Click on the map you want to vote for.

    After counter is done, some games provide 25 seconds to look around map. This is what is known as 'Discovery Mode'.

    Then the game starts! When the game has started, there is one more thing: in some games you can use the In-game Shop to buy items on ingame coins you get when achieving some goal (may be killing players).

    /igs /shop Opens In-game Shop.

    You can Join a match once it has already started and spectate when you just want to watch. /join Makes you join the game. (Not possible in every game). /spectate /spec Puts you in the spectator team.

    At the end of a match, you can rate the played map and vote for the next game. This is known as the Game Summary menu, which will open automatically after some time.

    /gamesummary /gamesum Opens Game Summary menu