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    After joining, you appear on the Hub.

    Hub is the main place on Diversion Network. You can join all games from here, buy cosmetics with Diversity Shards and look at your statistics.

    When you join the server, you spawn in the middle of the hub. Around you, you can find Rewards NPC. Right clicking Rewards NPC will open Rewards menu — there you can get your daily reward (per rank), weekly reward and get Voting links.
    Voting for the server makes the server more popular and gets more players to have fun with on it. When you vote, you recieve 500 Shards per vote. Here are the links to the voting sites, voting will work even if you are not online or never logged in, and coins will added to your account:

    1. Planet Minecraft
    2. MinecraftServers.org
    3. Minecraft Multiplayer
    4. ServerPact
    5. Minecraft-Server-List.com
    6. TopG
    /vote /servervote Get vote links like shown above.

    In your inventory you have 4 items: Server Swapper, Cosmetics, Statistics, Settings.
    With Server Swapper (Compass) you can join games.
    With Cosmetics (Chest) you can turn on some of your cosmetics for the hub, or buy Cosmetic Rolls - they will give you a random cosmetic. You can get cosmetic rolls (1-2) or Shards (50-500) fishing. Also you can roll Game rolls.
    In Statistics (Star) you can look at your stats in games - Wins, Played, XP, Kills and more.
    With Settings (Comparator) you can set if you want to interact with gadgets, see other players and turn off the chat.‚Äč
    Also you can find some games NPCs - they are same as using server swapper.
    Also, there is one specific NPC - you can notice him dancing. This is Musicman (Music manager, or literally, the music guy). Clicking him will open Music menu which you can access in cosmetics.

    /players /glist See where are the players currently online.