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  • Lasers

    Lasers is a puzzle game, DNW Type. Goal is to get all lasers of corresponding colors into laser goals.

    As you appear in play mode, you have an "Throw Me" item, which you throw to get Laser reflectors. There are also RESET, PLAY and STOP buttons. Reset removes all reflectors and stops, Play makes laser shooters shoot lasers, Stop just removes all lasers but not reflectors.

    There are 3 basic lasers: Red, Green and Blue. Shooters shoot lasers of their specific color. Lasers can go 10 cells (blocks) away from their power source. Lasers can go through glass blocks.

    A power source is usually a shooter or reflector. That means if reflector is used, the laser can continue 10 blocks from it.

    Also you can use Extend function of reflectors: this will not change laser direction, but still extend the laser 10 blocks.

    Laser cells will react only to reflectors of their color.

    Like in real life, lasers can mix.

    This can be achieved by combination. If one of basic lasers will end its power of 10, it will stop there and mix will turn into the color that has enough power.

    Also you can split:

    Just keep in mind that no other lasers can go through a mix.

    There are also specific structures, bottom to top:

    Shooters that have dispenser blocks powered by redstone, will turn off. Goals should have a laser cell inside glass of same color. Steps count will not stop until all laser movement is done.