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  • Map Development Guide

    This Guide is meant to help you build and configure maps in accordance with Diversion Network standards.

    The making of maps is very stimulating and very much appreciated.


    Game Specific Requirements




    MR Modes:


    DualMR has two teams, so you can make the matches stalemate easier.


    QuadMR has four teams and encourages rushing.

    On most maps, each team has two monuments to defend. These are often the monuments of their left and right neighbouring teams.

    You need to mark these monuments with the attacking team's color, so players know what to attack.


    Quake Modes:

    Quake Instagib

    This mode does not support spawners.

    Maps should not be too small, because it's more about sniping too.

    Have more open areas for action.

    Quake CTF

    Like normal CaptureTheFlag, maps have to be symmetrical.

    Each team has 1 spawnpoint and a flag near it.

    Spawns should not be accessable by the enemy team.

    Spawners are required, especially rocket launchers improve gameplay a lot.


    SW Modes:


    Smaller maps, less bridging in general.

    Often with less detail.


    Bigger maps, require intersection islands and more bridging.

    Maps can be quite detailed and there should be more chests all over the map.


    TDM Modes:


    Rage means instakill, so really strong swords and bows.

    Maps with Rage mode should be more open and jump pads are highly encouraged.



    MA Games:


    BlockSpam uses thin, long maps.

    Players should be able to bridge on the walls and other objects.

    Do not detail maps too much.

    Include chokepoints for players to battle on.

    The end should be made out of gold blocks, as a finish.


    FishSlap maps are all about knockback.

    This means there should be NO places to be stuck at.

    Players should be able to be knocked out of the maps from every location they can get to.

    This means no holes or lots of walls.

    Height differences and extra void gaps do help make the game more interesting.


    TunnelMayhem is a map filled with glass.

    Maps can not be very detailed and not have void gaps.


    Very long maps with lots of challenging terrain.

    Shooting areas on the sides, for the defending team to aim from.

    Watch out with height differences, because it makes it harder to shoot.

    Maps are often too easy for the Rushers, so it's a challenge to balance it right.

    Parkour should not be too hard, but shortcuts that require more skill are amazing to improve gameplay.

    Maps are often thousands of blocks long, so to keep it interesting, maps often switch building styles every once in a while.