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    Map Setup

    Making a mapfig for a map can be quite a bit of work.
    To make it easier, we require mapmakers to center their map at x0,z0 and strongly encourage building your map as low as possible.
    The best way to do this is using (FastAsync)WorldEdit.
    Simply select the whole map and use //center glass to find the center of it.
    Check the y coordinate of the center and copy/cut the map using //copy or //cut.
    Go to the center of the world: x0,z0 and paste the map back using //paste.
    Check if the map is centered correctly by looking at the center block again.

    World Pruning

    When you're building a map, you load a lot of unneeded chunks.
    After the map is done, these chunks should be deleted to make the world files smaller.
    If it's your first time pruning a map, make sure to create a backup of your world.
    The program that's often used for this is MCEdit.
    When started MCEdit, you can load your map by clicking Open and selecting the level.dat file.
    Once your map has loaded, select the chunks with blocks in them.
    After that, click Prune and wait until all chunks are removed.
    You can save the map and close MCEdit.

    Required Files

    Minecraft worlds often have a lot of files that we don't need.
    Things like playerdata and MCEdit backups are not needed to load your map.
    Below a list of the required files: