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    Although they're very helpful, the use of effects is often forgotten.

    Giving nightvision on dark maps is probably the most common use of effects in area.

    Since you can give effects quite easily, it's worth checking out how it's done:

    b effects[ {id:night_vision,ticks:1000000,level:0} ] <

    What these lines do, is give all players in team 'b' nightvision level 1 for 1000000 ticks, meaning it will not run out.

    Notice how "level:0" means level 1 nightvision and the effects are placed in a team level.

    A list of available effects can be found here.

    It's likely that you don't want the effect to only be given when a player enters the area.

    For more information about when to give players these effects, you can check the Action Intervals page.