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    Action Intervals

    Often when creating an area, you need it to only run once.

    Since this is the default interval, you aren't required to put any actions.

    There are occasions where you want the things to run more often.

    For this, we can use Action Intervals.

    Imagine an area in which you want to heal the player as long as they are in it.

    Normally the effects will only work once the player enters, but will run out.

    This is an example for an area using these actions:

    areas rightHeal coords[ -57,58,-1,-55,62,-5 ] action 20 a effects {id:health_boost,ticks:30,level:0} < b effects {id:health_boost,ticks:30,level:0} < < <

    Notice how the action is placed outside of the team levels.

    Action intervals are in ticks, meaning 20 is the same length as 1 second.

    You can make it run only on enter using an action of 0, although this is the default amount too.