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    Teleportation areas are very useful, especially in bigger maps.

    They allow players to teleport to a location by entering an area.

    This is what a basic teleportation area looks like:

    areas bLeftTeleporter coords[ -82,58,-1,-82,60,-1 ] b teleport -82.5,53,0.5,-90,0 < < <

    Notice how our teleport coordinates have decimals as well as yaw and pitch.

    When you want a player to get to the center of a block, you always add 0.5 to the X and Z coordinates.

    Meaning '0' becomes '0.5' and '-83' becomes '-82.5'.

    The two numbers at the end are the yaw and pitch, which define where the player is looking at.

    Since you add teleportation in team levels, you can make teams teleport to different locations, within the same area.

    You can also teleport to relative coordinates.

    This can be done using 'teleport+' instead of 'teleport'.

    An example like this would teleport a player 4 blocks up:

    areas aUpTeleporter coords[ 44,76,3,46,77,-3 ] b teleport+ 0,4,0,0,0 < < <