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    Every mapfig starts with a list of authors.

    All authors are put in alphabetical order of their current names.

    If the player logged in on our network, you should always use their UUID, which you can find on websites like MCUUID.

    Otherwise, you have to put in their most recent Minecraft username.

    The way you put the authors in a mapfig is like this:

    authors[ ae5c1e91-745b-4a6f-a337-11484ede6957 // Clijmart 7890a2e5-84c8-4965-be02-ba85175b4cba // MilkyWayRules GuyThatNeverJoined ]

    You put the current username in a comment ('//'), to make it easier for others to understand who the map is made by.

    This means the plugin won’t actually use this information, but instead will read the UUID and display the most recent names.