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    MonumentRush works almost completely using the standard Mapfig things.

    However, we do need to specify a very important thing still: The Monuments.

    This is an example of a way to define the monuments:

    monuments[ a;<map locations left>;-47,55,30,-47,61,30 a;<map locations left>;-46,57,30,-48,58,30 a;<map locations left>>;-47,58,29,-47,59,31 a;<map locations center>;-53,50,0 a;<map locations right>;-47,55,-30,-47,61,-30 a;<map locations right>;-46,57,-30,-48,58,-30 a;<map locations right>;-47,58,-29,-47,59,-31 b;<map locations left>;47,55,-30,47,61,-30 b;<map locations left>;46,57,-30,48,58,-30 b;<map locations left>;47,58,-29,47,59,-31 b;<map locations center>;53,50,0 b;<map locations right>;47,55,30,47,61,30 b;<map locations right>;46,57,30,48,58,30 b;<map locations right>;47,58,29,47,59,31 ]

    At first this seems very confusing, but we'll go through it step by step.

    The first thing you put is the teamname, most often "a" and "b".

    You put the name of the team that needs to Attack the monument. So it's often far away from the same team's spawn.

    After this, you put the name of the monument.

    This too is from the attacking point of view.

    Notice we do not put "Left", but use "<map locations left>" instead.

    This is explained further in the Localization section.

    The last things we need to put are the coordinates.

    If a monument exists out of 1 block, you only need to use the XYZ.

    If it exists out of multiple blocks, you have to put the coordinates of the corners. Just like in Areas.

    Combining all these steps, you get something like this:

    monuments[ a;<map locations left>;-47,55,30,-47,61,30 ]

    Where we are using team "a", which needs to destroy a Left monument at "-47,55,30,-47,61,30".

    Sometimes a monument has a shape that isn't a cuboid.

    This will make things more difficult, but it is not impossible.

    We can do this by creating multiple monuments with the same team and the same name.

    It does not matter if some blocks are in multiple monuments, every location counts as one block.

    If done correctly, it should look something like this:

    monuments[ a;<map locations left>;-47,55,30,-47,61,30 a;<map locations left>;-46,57,30,-48,58,30 a;<map locations left>;-47,58,29,-47,59,31 ]

    This combines all the monuments, so it shows as one in the game.

    Rush Mode:

    In Rush Mode all teams need to attack the same monuments.

    Points are assigned to the monuments and are given to the team breaking it.

    To make this happen, you replace the teams before the monument with the amount of points players earn per block mined.

    This means that a 50 point monument existing of 3 blocks will give 150 points total.

    monuments[ 50;<map locations left>;47,58,-29,47,59,-31 175;<map locations center>;53,50,0 50;<map locations right>;47,55,30,47,61,30 ]