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    We try to make our games enjoyable for everyone, even players who can't speak English well.

    To help with this we are able to translate most of the text on our entire network.

    This is done using so called "Localization".


    The most used localizations in Mapfigs are colors.

    This can be done by replacing a color with something like this:

    <colors dark_blue> Dark Blue <colors red> Red <colors cyan> Cyan

    This will translate the word "Blue" to the language which the player has selected.


    Often you want to give custom names to your teams.

    Some examples that have already been localized:

    <map teams sun> Sun <map teams dark> Dark <map teams heroes> Heroes


    Some games require you to name locations, such as left and right.

    These should also be localized.

    A few examples that have already been added:

    <map locations right> Right <map locations center> Center <map locations top> Top

    These locations can also be named after objects, for example:

    <map locations left_hill> Left Hill <map locations balloon> Balloon <map locations cave> Cave


    There are a lot of other things that could be localized.

    When making a Mapfig you want to localize all the text that can be seen by players.

    Some examples that are used very often:

    <map messages scorearea_enter> entered the scorearea! <map messages scorebox_enter> entered the scorebox! <map messages scorebox_enter_9> entered the &63 Points &2scorebox!

    Notice how you can use color codes too.

    Try to avoid this as much as possible though, since there's often no reason to include those inside localization.

    There's a high chance the things you need aren't localized yet.

    If you want to use custom localizations, make sure to contact staff so it can be added.