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    Other Options

    There's a lot of things you can add to your mapfigs, which can't be categorized nicely.

    Here we will list and explain all those extra options.


    One of the things that's used very often is respawnwait.

    This option makes the respawntimer longer, so players have to wait longer to respawn after death.

    The default value is 1 and the waiting time is in seconds.

    respawnwait 3

    The respawnwait is often put at the bottom of a mapfig.


    Some maps play better with a smaller amount of players, while others are meant for big matches.

    That's why we require maps have a player recommendation.

    This number will help your map to show up for voting more often when there's the right amount of players online.

    Notice this number should be the total amount of players that you think the map plays best with.

    recommendation 16

    The recommendation is often put at the bottom of a mapfig, right under the respawnwait.