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    All games require you to specify the teams.

    In here, you can define the team names and colors, the spawns, kits and more.

    The team section often looks something like this:

    teams a name &9&l<colors blue> color &9 spawns 82.5,9,0.5,90,0 kits Default[ ... ] < < b ... < <

    In most games a team can have multiple spawns.

    This can be done by making "spawns" into a list:

    a spawns[ 84.5,5.1,24.5,180,0 84.5,5.1,-23.5,0,0 ] <

    Most games have teams called "a", "b" and so on. When there's only one team or no teams, we call it "default".

    Notice how we don't actually put the name "Blue", but "<colors blue>".

    This is explained further in the Localization section.

    However, Dogatron03 wanted to be special, meaning we use a different way in SkyWars.

    SkyWars teams are done, unlike all other games, using "sw_x". Where 'x' is the number of the team, minus one.

    This means we start with "sw_0" and end with "sw_11", if our map has 12 teams.

    Because this can be very confusing, we always use the same setup of teams:

    teams sw_0 name &c&l<colors red> color &c spawns 82.5,9,0.5,90,0 < sw_1 ... < <

    You can find the complete list at: Skywars Teams.