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  • Parties and Friends​

    Parties and Friends is system to make groups of players play together. They are very similar systems and many of their commands differ only in their names. There are not all of commands on this page, but you can use these 2 following commands to see all help:

    /party /p Show all party commands help. /friends /friend/f Show all friends commands help.
    /party player /p player Create a party. playerPlayer to have in the party. /friends player /friend player/f player Add player to friends list. playerPlayer to add.

    Unlike other servers, party members need to approve to go where party host is going.

    Host can call players to their server with following command:

    /party call player /p c player Call players to join your server. playerPlayer to call. If unused, or "all" calls all players in the party.

    Then they can accept with following command:

    /accept player /a player Accept all requests of any kind from a player. playerPlayer which will have all their requests accepted. If unused, command accepts all requests.
    /party follow player /p f player Join server which the player in the party is currently in. playerPlayer to join. If unused, joins party host.

    In case if some player gets cleared from databases, you may see "Unknown" players in your friends list. Use following command to remove those players, or just let them join the server.

    /friends clear /friend clear/f clear Clear "Unknown" players.

    When Host leaves server, the party is disbanded. But host can hand the party to any party member using following command before leaving:

    /party promote player /p p player Make a player party host. (Available only for host) playerPlayer to promote.
    /partychat text /pc text Party chat that will be shown only to party members. textYour message, may contain spaces.