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  • Privacy Policy

    If you are using any of our systems, you are automatically agreeing to this.

    Upon logging into the server, we remember your Mojang UUID, your latest login username and your latest IP address, where your UUID is as a key for all data, your username is used for all IGN based systems (for example, stats), and your latest IP is used for moderation.

    If you join our Discord, you are able to link your Mojang UUID to your Discord Account ID (not your Discord Tag), that means we store that as well. Your Discord ID later may be used on website. Upon logging into our contact page using your Discord, your OAuth2 Session ID (not password) is stored in PHP session. That means that it may be invalidated after some time given by our web server or Discord services or upon browser session refresh.

    None of your other data is stored, some other data can be received through public services (for example, Skin Service for stats).

    Upon using Bin, or any other of our web services with themes, we store the theme and other settings as cookies.

    If you still have any questions, please contact us on Discord or using our Contact Page.