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  • Rules

    A. Server

    B. Website

    C. Specific Games

    D. Cloud Skyblock

    How rules are referenced:

    If a staff member references a rule in chat, they will use the following format: "Section.Subsection.Rule".

    For example, if you are spamming in chat, you are breaking rule A.2.1.

    Remember: all punishments are recorded, so it there's no point trying to fake your appeal.

    Section A: Server

    1. No hacking or cheating in a way that gives you an advantage over other players.

    2. Chat restrictions.

    3. Non-client hacking

    4. Other

    Section B: Website [Punishments can be different per situation!]

    Section C: Games

    This includes rules Section A.

    1. General

    2. Spawnkilling is allowed in these games

    Do not evade punishments. Avoiding bans using other accounts decreases the chance of your punishments getting appealed.
    When you see someone breaking the rules, make sure to use /report ingame or to contact a Moderator, instead of discussing about it in public chats.
    Make sure you know these rules well when using our services.