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  • Sketch

    When you click a sketch in sketch menu, you are presented with following menu:

    Build Mode

    Build mode is 2nd mode out of 3 (Play, Build, Test) - this mode allows you to build whatever you wish in given plane. Some world types give items related to building worlds for it. While you are in Build mode, you can name your sketch: this will be used for publishing.

    /name newname Get name of current world or name it. newnameNew name to set to current world. If unused, shows current name.

    Also set spawn — set place where people appear when they join the world. Notice that the command is 0.5 and 45 degrees specific - make sure to stand and rotate properly. Point with both X and Z coordinates having .5 is a middle of a block.

    /setspawn /setstart Set spawn to your location.

    After changes, do not forget to save! (button in menu or following command)

    /save /sav Save your sketch.


    Donators (Premium and Elite) get 4 basic WorldEdit commands:

    //position 1 or 2 //pos//p//location//loc//l Select a cuboid, like you would do in original WE, where points would appear where you stand. //lookposition 1 or 2 //lpos//lp//looklocation//lloc//ll//hpos//hp//hloc//hl Select a cuboid, like you would do in original WE, where points would appear where you look. //set weitem — to replace weitem — to set //fill//replace//fill//s//f//r Set selected area. to replaceWEItem to replace. to setWEItem to set.

    Both of command arguments are WEItem format: percentage%id:data. ID is a Bukkit Material or a Block ID. Data is your usual data used after ID in regular minecraft commands. You could also specify many items for randomization, for example 1,3 does random stone and dirt, in equal amounts. For non-equal amounts you can retype a WEItem, or use percentage: 2%1,3 is same as 1,1,3. Also as you can see, data and percentage are not required. If [toreplace] is not used, whole selected cuboid is changed. While percentage when unspecified defaults to 1, the data is interesting: in replacement it defaults to 0, but in toreplace it means any data. So unspecified data in WEItem "1" replaces all types of stone - regular, andesite, smooth ones and so on.

    //setblock weitem //sb Set block under you. weitemWEItem to set.

    Test Mode

    Test mode will allow you to see how the world will be played. However, it is not the only use of it, how it could look like at a first glance: it is also used to confirm the world before publishing. The mode is similar to play, except instead of favourite there is Build button.


    Clearing a sketch will remove it permanently. This clears a sketch slot, meaning if you don't have Elite, you can create new sketches of other types after reaching limit.


    Publishing is most interesting part: putting your world open for everyone to play! Before publishing you have to test your world and finish it in there. The published world will appear in play menu for everyone to favourite. Warning: you can publish a world only once in 6 hours. So make sure that your sketch name is right and there is nothing to edit needed. This is needed so there is no publish spam (even a group out of 10 people is easy to clean by moderators, do not waste your time on that!).