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  • Tournament: Votember Brawl

    We are excited to announce our first official tournament: Votember Brawl.
    It will take place on November the 2nd around 18:00 GMT.
    In this event, teams of 7-10 players will face eachother in exciting 6v6 matches of our most popular gamemodes.


    Teams must have a minimum of 7 registered players and a maximum of 10.
    To register for the event, you must have a linked Discord account on our server.
    Registrations close on October 31st.
    If you are still looking for a team, or need more members for your own team. You are free to use the #event channel in our Discord :)


    The tournament will include 3 of our most popular gamemodes.
    MonumentRush and CaptureTheWool will be the main games, lasting up to 30 minutes per match.
    Tiebreakers will be done using short TeamDeathMatch matches, lasting 5 minutes each.
    Before a match starts, the team leaders will veto a map from the map pool to play.


    The goal of the game is to break all of the other team's monuments (obsidian blocks and others, look for blocks with particle beams above them before game) and protect your own. The team that breaks all other monuments wins the game.
    More info about MonumentRush.


    The goal of Capture The Wool is to take the other team's wools and bring them back to your capturing monument. This monument is often at your own team's spawn, but can be somewhere else too. The team capturing all enemy wools wins.
    More info about CaptureTheWool.


    The goal of TeamDeathMatch is to get the required amount of points. You get points from killing and going in scoreboxes.
    More info about TeamDeathMatch.


    The tournament is mainly for fun and pride, but we decided to also give small rewards to those participating.
    These prizes are not final and can be changed at any time.
    If you have any suggestions for the prizes, make sure to contact us through Discord.

    First Place

    Second Place

    Third Place



    All maps are selected to fit for 6v6 matches.
    They each have their own special features, so it might be worth exploring and practicing to figure out how to play them well.
    If you have any suggestions for the map pool, make sure to contact us through Discord.

    MonumentRush (6 Maps)

    Antiques GoldenOre Balloons Pandaboy999 Stealth5061 Beebou Dark Woods cellish Luar2 G_SKIPPY Fouled Legoche Rendezvous Champions ParaPenguin gobernment Legoche Fouled Swamp Aikiebo KekFish

    CaptureTheWool (5 Maps)

    Camel Kroest Empire Draco_Rogue Hold Fast Fouled Legoche Rendezvous CTW ParaPenguin gobernment Fouled Wahiz Jiveh Xuph Tazz

    TeamDeathMatch (3 Maps)

    Actrix keenanjt Tazz Vicei Crossfire Eteh Legoche Ruins Wrath rockymine